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Happy 2nd NICUversary Reign!

On June 13, 2018 we were blessed to bring our beautiful baby girl home after 80 days in the NICU. It caught us completely off guard as her discharge date was moved back several times and just earlier that day we were told that she wouldn't be coming home. So when we got the call at 7 pm that we could bring her home, we rushed to the hospital to get her while leaving the NICU graduation outfit we brought, gifts for the nurses and all the other amazing things we NICU moms plan and purchase while dreaming about that day. None of it mattered to me in that moment. I just knew that our 3 month long rollercoaster had finally been cleared to end and that I couldn't get her in our car and our home fast enough! Here are a few memories from that night:

Daddy's footage of our last time coming into the NICU

Saying goodbye to our favorite nurse Karena

Reign saying goodbye to her NICU buddy Xavier

We also went back to the NICU on Reign's 1st NICUversary to see our favorite nurses. We took along our photographer friend to capture the memories. It was a beautiful surprise as the nurses didn't know that we were coming. Here are a few of our favorite moments:

As odd as it sounds, both seem like just yesterday. We made plans to go back this year and give more onesies and care packages to the parents but the pandemic quickly altered our plans. It's very important to us that we give back as that's what NICU versary's are all about for us. Here's to celebrating 2 years of raising awareness and being an answer that we didn't have...

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